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All right welcome, welcome, welcome everyone to this webinar. My name is Vitaliy Dubinin. Today we’ll talk about the hottest, decentralized matrix system launch of 2022.

We are just two days away guys from the launch of the Meta Force. We have so many people ready and excited right now. People from China, hundreds and hundreds of leaders, India, uh, we’re talking about uh, a lot of countries that are getting involved because people understand what has been done before in the past two years ago, with a system called Forsage.

If you’ve been part of Forsage – or you heard about it, this has been a decentralized matrix launched in February 2020, so about two and a half years ago, exactly at the lowest point in the crypto market, when everything crashed kind of similar to what we are experiencing Right now, the crypto markets – and this was actually very perfect timing, because the people that participated in the Forsage ecosystem two and a half years ago, uh many made millions of dollars or significantly changed their financial lives, uh, and this is exactly why, right now, this timing Is so amazingly perfectly aligned with where we are in the current, because the most important question that everyone has on their mind right now, which program which system can generate cash in the pocket right now? Uh? I know a lot of people in crypto have lost in the last couple of months: significant amounts of money, some even millions of dollars, because you can see the altcoins have been crashing. 70 80 90 per cent uh from where they were just a couple of months ago and uh people are asking how to generate cash right now. Can we really rely on the d5 protocols, because a lot of the d5 protocols also went down down down in the bear market, and so far I can tell you that this type of a matrix with so many improvements that Meta Force is presenting to us right now Is the fastest way to actually generate cash in the pocket right now, so we are going to talk about the launch of the Meta Force, exactly how it works guys how to really take advantage of it?

That is coming on June 29th at 3, 00 p.m. Dubai time approximately that is scheduled and um we’ll go over the details and we’ll ask you, you know to answer all your questions and uh really give you the most tips: how to succeed and make a lot of profits with the metaphor. So, first of all, uh, why force and why now you already understand um we, the force as a foundation, the force meta classic that is launching in two days.

Um has its foundation for sage, but you know there’s been a lot of improvements made to the Meta Force that make it such a much more powerful system uh than for such – and this is the first program that is launching in a couple of weeks they’ll be launching. Maybe in a month and the boost marketing system, with five matrixes in one program, we’ll talk about that as well and a month later launched the full force program. All of this right now is a pre-launch where people can participate at a 50 discount and after the launch of the force uh.

Also, the coin of force will be launched as well. So, let’s begin with the classic, because this program launching is just two days from now, and I already will show you the back office, how it looks like uh because the testing is live right now on the mainnet itself. So we’ll get to that in just a second now the main advantage, and what real people liked about uh Forsage is that a hundred per cent of that income is going to the network is going to.

The partners is going to you guys not to the owners of the system now while retaining this famous advantage of Forsage with the Meta Force. The first big difference in force is that there is no such thing as the income of id number one. As you know, in this matrix id number one belongs to the owner now in previous and for sage, this income from the matrix we’re going back to idea number one.

Okay. So essentially the creators took the surplus income for themselves in the four systems. This surplus income that is coming from uh our plan of id number one, is actually going to a separate smart contract.

The product contract and this product contract is where the source of the uh real products that are delivered to each one of the slots in the matrixes. So it’s not just simple transfers of funds from wallets to wallets in a decentralized matrix system. Each one of the slots has real value and is backed up with real value and real products attached to it. So that’s an important distinction to understand because um each participant will have the training will have the value received for each of the slots, which is amazing.

Now the second thing is, you know the last couple of years the big development of the meta, metaverse uh, big players, are building metaverse and competing on metaverse Facebook changed their whole um thicker from Facebook to meta, they’re, building, metaverse and force are building metaverse as Well, and in this metaverse, we’ll be using NFTs Plato, game platon games and each one of these slots, even if the mark in the marketing classic is an nft as well. Okay is an nft as well and with nft will give you access to the metaverse different sections that only with this nft, you can get access to that’s uh. Another big distinction that was not before, because this is a new technology. Nft is a new technology, and metaverse is a new technology.

Now, apart from that, there is the whole situation with uh with the uh, the whole uh force ecosystem, the force, uh coin right and the fourth coin is essentially going to be in the epicentre of all of the ecosystem. We’Re talking about uh. You know it’s depicted here as the sun and the planets of the academy and the traders club NFTs metaverse is trading like evolving around the force coin.

Everything will be using the force coin in the ecosystem of force right in the metaverse in the uh staking and all of that stuff. So uh, that’s a big part of what makes a Meta Force unique in the marketplace and it is built on the background and the coding that is actually designed from scratch. Uh with these smart contracts, totally decentralized, smart contracts, um with something that is proven to work.

So the launch was the marketing classic is coming as a combination of what is known. The six spot, marketing matrix and the three spot. Marketing matrix, okay and combining them together in one program gives it even more power because those are two little different matrixes. But putting them all together gives the most power to both of them.

At the same time, so I’ll explain to you how it works, it was decided to launch on the polygon blockchain and not as originally intended on the Binance marching, because recently bnb was investigated by the sec for uh uh security and they decided to move away from That and went to polygon right now is one of the fastest-growing blockchains in the crypto space. Matic is used for fees, it’s very fast and it’s very cheap um and we’re going to be using not usdt we’re going to be using the die stable coin. Okay, now, during the phase of the pre-launch, the die stable coin is used, but after the launch of the force, the force coin is going to be used in the ecosystem now die. A stable coin is widely used, the decentralized stable point, and you can edit your wallet by going to polygon scan.

com, everybody can go to and type in die in the search, and you will see here this is the contract address ending with 063, that you can just click On copy and add it to your meta mask now: if you don’t have the polygon blockchain configured inside of your metamask, then simply um, you can do it I’ll show you how in a website that is called here’s. This token is already edited.

Let’S see I’m going to use some account and um that doesn’t have this token. Yes, I’m going to click on import tokens and paste it, and it’s going to show the die token right here now. If you don’t have a polygon blockchain configured inside of the metamask, you can go to chainlist.

org and you can simply scroll down here to the polygon, mainnet connect wallet and you click here on add to metamask. Now metamask is one of the wallets that uh I personally use for this now there are other wallets that you can use to participate in the system of the forest. Metamask is not the only choice. There is a token pocket, for example, that you can use a very cool app that you can download.

It has all the different chains inside of it another one is the trust wallet that a lot of people use as well, and it has also conversions uh inside of them on different chains, we’ll get to the specifics of that in just a second as well to Solidify the points now, let’s get back to uh the marketing classic, so people get started, there’s all there’s 12 different, matrixes 12 different slots. Each one of them is also an nft, like I told you um, and you can see that it starts right now in the pre-launch at the five-dollar range. Okay, so five dollars and we already uh, you can be in the game.

So people you know in Africa, for example, big communities uh they have five dollars. You know people in Africa have five dollars and uh and – and that gives people already a way to get started in a system that can lead to much much higher uh profits. That’S why it gains so much uh popularity in India and in Africa and, of course, in other countries, including China as well.

So the matrixes go like this uh with the five dollars is the start, then it’s uh, ten dollars and twenty dollars. Forty dollars so is exactly twice as much for each one of the slots. So let’s take an example of the five dollars.

The first five dollars is the s6 matrix that sis six positions under each of the matrix, and then you cycle, okay. So what does it mean exactly? Let’S say that this is you and you started with five dollars, so you are part of the appliance matrix. So this is this. Is you okay? Now you have here six uh positions.

Now you start to build your matrix. I either you refer somebody to the force system with your referral link or um your upline. Your upline refers somebody, and this upline is not necessarily your direct upline.

It’S just a person that you are currently in this current cycle in his matrix, because you cycle again and again uh you can be in different times in different cycles and other different outlines here in terms of the matrix. Now you have only one upline, but in terms of the matrix you can be under different matrix, uh situations. Now, whoever this person is okay, it can be your upline, it can be your sideline.

It can be your uh. You know outline of the outline different people can be here in this iteration of the cycle and they can refer somebody and this person can land in your matrix. Now that’s called a spillover. Now this person then builds his own matrix and, as his matrix is built, you can also receive spillovers, and this right here those four spots in the matrix – that’s where we get paid 100 percent of the cost of the slot okay.

So all of this is a hundred percent, which gives a total of 400 percent right now out of that 400 400. Two of these payments, as you will see, goes to upgrade to the next uh slot. Now this is actually your income that is coming directly into your wallet and, as your matrix here on the six positions are built either by you or spillovers or altogether. It doesn’t matter you cycle again into another part of the matrix and you can cycle as many times as you want now.

Cycling will not cost you any additional money. The way that the system is designed. Why? Because those two spots right here, 100 and 100 – let’s say it’s five dollars and five dollars right.

So these are collected in a separate smart contract and these ten dollars are then used to upgrade you to the next slot. So let’s say somebody starts with just five dollars, then his matrix is cycled and he already uh positioned themselves in the matrix of the ten dollars. Now. A lot of people, of course, will not just start with five dollars.

They can start with all the slots right away from the get-go, which many people do like this strategy, which is the best one, especially if you have a team already, then you want to take as many slots as possible from the very beginning. Okay, so the way it goes you cycle and you cycle, because you have also this 100. So now you continue on and let’s say that you already have this uh five levels. These five levels are active for you, so that means that all of these cycles on level four level, three level, two and level one you get to keep all of this money right.

There is no more money going to the upgrade all of this money. You get to keep only these spots, those two in the first cycle we get into the uh separate contract to help you activate the next level level. Number six okay, so follow me. This is how it works, and, if you understand for such you already see uh, it’s already very well familiar to you, because you’ve done it before so uh you already understand now.

Auto upgrade is another feature that was added to the Meta Force. In order to help everybody makes more money, the way that this makes more money is that previously to upgrade to the next level of the slot, you need to pay attention and in the back office you will see you missed some income and then people. Oh, i miss some income, so i upgrade to the next slot now here you don’t even need to monitor you miss something you don’t miss something because as soon as you have the funds, you are going to get and activate already the next level level number six Or level number seven or level number nine for you, okay and uh.

This is very powerful. It’S very powerful! Now um! You can see that these two s s6 and s3 are working together. S6.

You you see how it works. Now, let’s talk about. S3 s3. Has three positions and in those three positions you get a hundred percent here and you get a hundred percent here and the third one is cycling.

Now those two are taken: okay, uh, essentially in a contract to help you upgrade to the next level. If it is relevant, if you already have 12 slots – and you don’t need that – helps you upgrade to the next level very, very simple matrixes, and that simplicity is what gives it the power. The most crazy ideas are also the most simple ones, and they they just work. That’S why there’s becoming very popular now the auto upgrade can be also turned off.

If you want that’s another feature that was done before and uh, it goes to the product fund. If you turn it off, then simply 25 of the that income you get to the product fund, everybody benefits from it, uh and 75. You keep so in this way. It is a much fairer system, uh the Meta Force, the way that it works.

Okay, so that’s another way to to visualize. You can see those two white spots help you upgrade to the next level. Now, let’s talk about the income that is potentially you can make here. You can see that each cycle, like this on a pre-start, the profitability of the full cycle of all matrixes, is a hundred forty, six thousand eight hundred eighty dollars and a net profit of a hundred and five thousand nine hundred ninety dollars.

That’S a net profit after this 20 475 is spent, and this is in pre-launch. After the start, similar movements give the amount of uh 211 980 net profit and 293 000 income for of each extended cycle and what is mean extended cycle? It means the levels here on the lower positions are going to be cycled, much more, of course, than these levels. These levels are going to cycle less often than these levels are going to cycle very often, okay.

After the full launch of the force, the standard prices return ten dollars twenty dollars, and you already be in a position. You already have this activated. Okay, as if you paid twice the amount so right now, it is beneficial to uh get started with twice less of the price of each one of the slots. Okay, because we are in the pre-launch phase, so we get this 50 percent marketing discount.

We first in line in the force and we gain the force coin when it launches now the bigger you build the team here inside the Meta Force in the in the forest classic when it’s time for the force launch, which is going to be happening uh after a Couple of months, this matrix is a five level matrix five level matrix, so it’s going to bring huge income uh when this matrix cycles, much more than 300 or for 500, is more than a thousand percent when this one cycles, okay, on a five level. So that’s a much bigger one um and before this launch we’re going to have a nft launch and we’re going to have the boost launch as well and the boost program. You can learn more about it. At the Meta Force official channel.

There is the the boost marketing plan, this 20 minute video. You can watch it and see, understand the different matrixes when the time comes. I will elaborate on this more in detail.

It’S going to be a big big matrix like this with 10 levels, and you can see five different matrixes. This is different than this one. This is different than this one. Just like this one uh for 10 levels, it’s pretty cool and new matrix design from scratch and combining five different matrixes in in one program, so boost is going to bring more profits than the classic okay.

So the better job you do at the classic. The more you’re going to earn when the boost program launches and the better job you do at the boost and the classic when force launches, with its own uh uh force, uh coin right, the more force you’re going to generate and if force also goes up in Value which i believe it will go up in value uh, then essentially you’re, just doubling tripling quadrupling your income at that stage. So this is just the very very beginning, uh phase of the first program kind of like a warm-up, okay, a warm-up to what is to come now i’ll share with you a couple of different websites where you can uh go to prepare for for the launch and The first one you want to be familiar with is the quick swap dot exchange.

Quick swap is a dex that is working on the polygon blockchain and you can connect with it uh via your wallet. So let me just see here: uh i’m going to see and and connect. Let’S say you see a connect to this wallet or i can switch and connect with this wallet.

It’S already connected um and you connect it right here and you select the token also you can choose here die and you can exchange your magic for die right here, because if you go to binance, okay and binance, one of the the the biggest actually centralized exchange And you search for the coin die. It is right there um that you can actually buy here now when you want to withdraw die. Let’S say that you buy some dye right here.

Um and i have this 119 die and i go to withdraw from binance. This die you’ll see whether which which type of networks this is available. If you go to die and you choose a network, it will show you by the smart chain or ethereum network. It doesn’t show you the polygon, so it’s not really helpful in in this way, but what you can do on a finance? You can actually buy the magic on the binance.

If you have funds on binance, you can go ahead and use. You know and buy matic here, for example, uh just like this by mighty and then you can take this matic that you bought and you can transfer it to your wallet and no problem. Okay, withdraw use the network, matic polygon, all right and uh, you paste the address and boom and you withdraw now once you withdraw the matic, what you can do is go to quick swap and you can essentially exchange and swap your matic for die on quick swap. Okay, now this is one of the dexes that you can use um.

You can also use any swap and actually in any swap you can connect um with different mainnet. You can connect, you can see with ethereum maintenance, avalanche orbit room uh phantom maintenance. So you can connect with different maintenance and an exchange funds. Okay, let’s say you have usdc on the phantom mainnet and you want to exchange it to the polygon, maintenance and uh.

You want to use the the die stable point, so you can do stuff like that. On the any swap dot exchange, okay, you can choose any of the blockchains okay and exchange to other blockchains. With a with a click of a of a button. You can also use synapseprotocol.

com. Synapse protocol has also the bridge that you can choose different chains, whether you have funds, let’s say on the b and b chain: okay and uh. Let me demonstrate to you let’s say it’s a bnb chain and on bnb, let’s say that i have some some bnb. The usb okay, now i go to the polygon here, polygon right there and i choose the coin, die.

Okay. So now i can turn 100 busd uh on the binance smart chain to 99 die, so you pay some fee. Okay, you approve busd like this, and this way you directly use the synapse protocol to exchange from one chain to another chain. Today is very simple: today: uh in crypto to exchange from one uh blockchain to another blockchain is not difficult to do.

Okay, with a click of a button you can, you can do that. So that’s just another way for you to uh to have die. Okay, so that is the currency. The stable point that you’ll be earning a stable point that equals to a dollar and you use magic for fees very simple.

Now i showed you how to configure polygon on metamask using, okay, and i showed you how to get matic for keys and how to convert it to die. Okay using any one of these options, quick swap any swap or a synapse protocol.

If you have other blockchains, you can use this either of this will work fine test, whatever whatever is working the best for you uh to exchange to die and then you’re ready. Now, let’s let me show you how the meta force looks like because, right now the tests are live and they’re working, okay, so the way it works. Let’S connect the wallet, i’m going to exchange this um, okay, um. One second should be.

It should be live right here. Dashboard. Please connect your wallet.

Okay, there’s the wallet connect meta mask okay, perfect. So this is how it’s going to look like now, we’re not giving here any uh numbers. You know in versage there was id number one id number two id number three etc. So when somebody comes and his id number a hundred thousand he’s like.

Okay, i’m already id number 100 000. Maybe a little bit deterred, but we don’t use any of these numbers in Meta Force. Everybody has a random code of letters now. If you um receive certain promotions inside Meta Force, like you build a team uh, you activate your slots.

You move you move on, you’ll, be able to to change that into some custom instead of like a random numbers, the random letters you’re going to exchange it to whatever you want, like your username, okay, you also can put your picture over here. Um – and this is the metaphor system – we have the classic – we have the boost coming soon. We have here activity, history right and you can see on a preview. There is this classic slots activated.

So let’s say this one level, one. It will show you the the current cycle, so i’m right now here on cycle number four. So this is cycle one.

It shows you three time cycles: 22 partners, total level revenue. It’S going to show you, and if this person has a picture, is going to show you a picture and he has a username, it’s going to show you his username right here, a custom one. So this is how the visual is going to look like, which is pretty cool academy, is for the materials um and like different articles, what you need for the program. So, as you activate say, i didn’t activate this last one.

So i’ll show you, you click on proceed, connection, check, balance check and then, essentially you activate the level now. All of this is pretty intuitive. To use polygon for fees.

Dive has a stable coin, very, very simple process. It’S like this fees are very, very cheap uh to use, and you activate your level once you activate the level you’re active forever in the system with this level. Okay, so now i have level 12 also open like this all right so, and this is this is how it works, and the sign up process is going to be very simple now to participate in the Meta Force. You need to have somebody that refer you to Meta Force using their link.

If you don’t have a link, it will come to the main website. We’Ll ask you: do you have an upline, you have a uh, you know and and if you don’t, then you can optionally choose id number one as your upline but um for the majority of people. They will be using some uh someone’s link.

So i want to refer a link to be working with them to be building inside of the force now. This is all in pre-launch. So do not expect right now to have a a bunch of products already launched, because this is in the pre-launch phase. So you will see products released gradually, and this is a project for years to come and you’ll see more and more products introduced even with the passive income as well.

That you’ll be able to earn share revenues and play turn games in the metaverse. A lot of cool stuff is coming. The launch is scheduled to be on june 29th, two days from now at 3, 00 pm uh dubai time. So if it’s going to be anything different than 3 p.

m, dubai time on 29th of june, then it can happen. So do not be like uh 100 sure that this is the exact moment in time it’s going to be launched. So this is the approximation. This one is going to launch so keep um updated in the main group chat about when we actually launch with the Meta Force.

Okay, this is the approximate time when we are going to be launching. Now you can see. This is all testing. That’S why there’s a 0.

000 something die, which is nothing for you to just test and you can become familiar. I think it’s good that it’s happening on the mainnet, okay and uh, essentially uh. You can test right now like if you have not started testing just put in a couple dollars, and then you can follow the link and see that everything is working.

Okay – and i put it in the chat – and they see that you have the way to get the magic you have the way to get the die. You understand how to do that and so that you are ready, because if you will start to prepare for it um, you know one minute before you’ll have a lot of people jumping before you that we’re ready that we’re prepared with dramatic and died and figured all Of this stuff out before the launch of the Meta Force, okay um in terms of the success with the program, we do see a lot of spillovers coming for for uh people in the especially in the beginning of the Meta Force uh building, a team is very, very paying Off here in this project, because you get the majority of this like 100 percent, somebody gets 100, especially in the classic one. In the other programs, there is different, different ways to divide this 100, but in the classic somebody gets this 100 okay.

This uh 100 is what you get yeah. This is 100 what you get and you cycle. So that’s why it’s called the classic. Okay, classic program works and uh.

The combination with the s3 is is also pretty pretty cool and the way that they design this program. Okay, so um questions. Let’S see what are your questions guys? Let’S uh have your hands open up your hands and see if you have guys any questions, now’s the time we’ll go over them and then and wrap it up. I see if guinea is here on the line.

Maybe you want to say a couple of words uh? What has been your experience with uh for sage and the and and why you’re excited about the Meta Force if he is online right now, uh, then maybe next time? Okay, so who wants to participate? Raise your hand, you can raise your hand in the section of said options. Um inside of the zoom, i see one hand is up so with that is galaxy. Please unmute yourself, um good evening good evening. Everyone.

Thank you very much for the opportunity given um. My name is t from south africa um. You spoke about auto upgrading, i see, we’ve got some slots there.

I think up to slot number 12.. So there’s no need for us to buy um individual slots like we used to do with facade or they mean you. Don’T need to buy individual slots um.

Does it auto upgrade you once your slot is filled up? Does it also upgrade it to the next spot or you can go and click on each of the like? They say i’ve got a 2000 usd and i want to buy this loss individually. Can i do that? Yes, absolutely you can you can upgrade at any time? You don’t need to wait until it auto upgrades, so you can start with as many levels as you want from the very beginning, and you can upgrade at any time manually right. So the auto upgrade function is used for someone that wants to get started. Let’S say it was five levels and that’s all that he has or wants to get started with, and now he has the funds to upgrade to level six and it happens automatically.

It will be upgraded to level six. So you start to earn from level five over and over with every cycle right, and this is the design of the auto print to not wait until manually doing it. But the moment there is funds to do it.

It automatically upgrades you and um and you don’t miss on the further spillovers or income like this from your team. Okay, all right! Thank you very much. You’Re welcome, awesome, great question. Uh.

Let’S see you have more hands or no. We have some question in the chat and the question is all the levels will be activated in the day of the launch, so all the levels will be available for activation at the time of the launch. Of course, it’s not something that you have to do to upgrade your bubbles. Okay, very simple, uh leticia! You want to say something: uh, okay, other questions, um.

What we are seeing right now is again a battle, a pre-launch of the full force program that will be launching later on a couple months and uh. This is like, i said, a warm-up for what’s to to come and uh for you to experience the power of the Meta Force and the reason why it’s also called the Meta Force is because of the metaverse that has been built, the Meta Force of, of course, okay, um. No any chances for glitches in the launching time. Well, that’s why all of the testing has been going on and uh everything works as it should work as a designed to work.

So i don’t see that will be any glitches with the launch, um and uh. In a case of too many people trying to hit the website in case of the back office loading slowly for some reason, because too many people trying to exit. For the same time, we always will have some solution temporarily with a manual activation of the slots.

I’M sure we’ll have some information about that, but it should all work as designed and endure all of the traffic coming to the website with day one okay right now there are no referral links, okay, even the links that are having right now in the testing mode. This is not um, something that is or the main launch, because it’s a smart contract uh off that is used right now: a smart contract of the testing, okay, so the real smart contract. We will publish on the in two days from now on june 29th.

Okay and that’s where everything begins, the link will be published uh in the in the group as well, so for people who cannot recruit can they get spillovers if they just buy slots only? Yes, yes, absolutely. The the way that s6 is designed is that these people and these people can give you all spillovers on your matrix right and also these people right here. That is above okay, so they all can give a like spillovers to you in the matrix right here.

Uh here there is no spillovers actually because it’s the s3 program, but what can happen is that um you can have here. People appear that are using your link directly or you can use this when you cycle right when you cycle right here, so you can use some of the funds to go to level four level five or to go from here to level seven level eight. This is the zone of the spillovers right here, those uh level, one level, two level, four level, five level, seven level, eight and level ten level level that all these are for spillovers, uh, yeah, so spillovers definitely will be coming. Yeah, leticia, hey, sir.

How are you i’m good? We are speaking to letitia from south africa. I want to know, as you are launching tomorrow, when this will be finished. It will take how many months to be finished. Everything is finished, so the launch will be on june 29th.

Okay on three and then my time so um, the the the matrix is already finished and the testing right now has been concluded. So everything will be ready until the june 29th to to launch uh. So don’t need to wait for two months: yeah, okay, other program: the boost is coming later and the force is coming later, so this will be coming later.

The classic is what’s coming right now: okay and another thing say: if, if we are going straight to level seven, how much chances we must get another somebody to be our downliners or what will happen we’ll get paid or sorry say it again. If we, maybe i’m i’m getting joined now, maybe if i joined i just go straight to level seven or to level eight is just an example. Maybe if i, if i go straight to that level, i’ll get paid or i must get more download as when, when how it works, you get level seven.

Then what what’s the question? If i’m going straight to level seven, i’m asking if if i what, if, if i’m going straight to level seven i’ll i’ll get paid for that level, seven, yes, you get paid on all the levels until level: seven! Oh! Okay! Okay, okay! No! I’M the new! Here! That’S right is tricky to me. I want to follow the question one by one one by one and the answers you’ll see each one of the slots opens up matrix and moves in its own ways inside of this matrix. Okay, so it depends who upgrades when upgrades uh somebody that upgrades earlier level eight than somebody else, it’s different movement of each one of the levels and how the matrix moves? Okay, very, very different, okay! So, okay, thank you so much sir. For your time, absolutely as a general uh rule, of course, like i said on this, matrixes will be less movement than on the top matrixes make sense, because this one will cost more money than this one.

So the movement here will be much faster than this levels, but, as you build your team, you will see that your whole team is kind of going and upgrading the levels until they reach levels. 9, level, 10, level, 11.. So all together as a team and if you are a team leader – and you already start with all the levels from the get-go uh 2 500, then you don’t need to upgrade anything.

It’S just from that point. You know you are. You are generating the uh, the the income uh you write in inside of your your wallet, so everyone should see what is his strategy uh? What are his team members and based on that, you plan what you are going to do and for how many levels you get started with all the 12 levels or 10 levels or 8 levels or what? What would be your start? Um, um? Okay.

So, regarding the sustainability of Meta Force, the Meta Force is a decentralized smart contract. Okay, it’s once it’s published on the blockchain it’s published on the blockchain. It cannot be changed like this now they’re going to move all this data once the pre-launch finishes and the force point will be launched, everything will move with the new slot into the force and you keep all of your structure, taking it with you exactly as you Build it in the classic right, um, and essentially, what gives it more sustainability, as you will see, is nfts and metaverse later in game utility and the passive side uh. That also will be coming so um and just taking of the coin so essentially uh.

Everyone can get started even five months from now and building a team here and succeed right as the academy is going to get bigger, etc. So um, it’s all a matter of and the products that will be coming also to the ecosystem with time will keep people engaged and give them the products that they want and that they need okay, as they already part of the system, so um. That’S why this project can be around one year from now two years from now and still be working, even for such right now to this day is still working uh.

The reason why people don’t use ethereum is uh. The fees went up since uh uh. You know 2020, the the late 2020. They went up a lot, the fees because of the d5, but the design the code is still there.

People can use it, but people don’t use it because of the fees magic. I don’t see that the fees are going to go up uh with matic like this very cheap blockchain in terms of the fees, so the blockchain is great. Polygon is great, it’s very, very fast and uh working very well so yeah um, as people who join in the pre-launch, do benefit from the other products that are still going to be introduced to the ecosystem. Of course.

Of course, you’ll be benefit from all the products. As your you know, as soon as they launch it’ll be the first one to get yeah uh quick swap exchange. Yes, that’s correct, so you have two exchanges that we talked about. One is the quick swap exchange.

The other one we talked about is any swap exchange and the other one we talked about is the synopse protocol, so you can use either of those and the wallets is metamask. You can use um, you know, uh, you can use token pocket. You can use trust wallet.

Those are the favorites ones, all right nephew, please hey bro! What’S up, how are you doing i’m great? How are you i’m good man? I’M excited about this project. Already man, you know you know, history is about it repeats itself. What we did in fossilized 2020 is gon na be bigger than that itself.

It tends to repeat itself and tends to rhyme and uh. This project can – and it has the potential to have bigger income than in the previous for sage and we’re also launching in the middle of the crypto crash, which means the prices on the on the outpoints are low right now. So if you take this die and you can, i was it. For example, you know ethereum can go 10x from here easy in the next bull cycle, so everything you can earn right now.

You can multiply by 10. easy, even if you write down matic now with the die and keep the matic keep the magic for a couple years. You’Ll see what happened to it’s magic man.

You know, i’m excited, you know like uh, my entire team. Already they are set up, they can’t wait to get started and we gon na be gone. We’Re gon na bring in a huge huge amount of numbers and yeah everybody on this car need to get ready man and then uh.

I like uh, where this uh they switch to a polygon because um the gas fee is what really killed for such a high gas fee and everything. But this one is going to be here for a year or two or three: it’s not it’s going nowhere as long as you know, um the gas fee is low, new people are gon na, come in, and everybody’s gon na make money for a very long time. Man, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and we hope we get a successful lunch and uh.

You know we crush it big time yeah. There is no reason why you will not have a successful launch uh. We have hundreds and hundreds of leaders coming um, especially in india, china and africa.

These three are the leading countries to encourage those who haven’t for assassi how much made on for uh yeah. I made them a lot in for such and mainly because also we were lucky to get started and the bottom of the fair markets when the coronavirus crashed. So the entire market exploded uh in ethereum, for example, exploded 20 times higher.

Then the prices that we are starting and working with so that definitely had an effect on multiplication which i talked about in every webinar uh, making millions and millions of dollars so um. It’S definitely possible the history to repeat itself, because we are right now we are right now in this bearish cycle. Guys and you don’t need to understand trading but and cycles are repeating themselves right now we are, you know to finish this cycle right here. We are in the bearish cycle.

If you look at this okay, this was the first mega cycle, the second mega cycle, the third mega cycle, and we are going to have another mega cycle like this history will repeat itself. We are going to have another mega cycle like like this. You know with uh bitcoin exploding.

As you know, bitcoin exploding in value also leads to points exploding in value. Other small coins exploding in value so market that you see today on a coin market cap. Okay is is cheap compared to where we’ll see magic during the the cycle. So if you take the dye that you earn and you buy matic with it, for example, okay, you have the chance to in this coming two three years more than 10x your money.

What you already earn, but you need to have the vision for it. You need to have the patience for it and you need to understand where we are in the cycle right. Uh.

That’s all magic at one point has been trading um at at two dollars and sixty cents, and do you think that magic is done with two dollars and sixty cents? I don’t think so and we’re going to go beyond two dollars and sixty cents and right now it’s at 50 cents 10x from here can be possible in two years, easy, if not more than 10x, so everything you earn right now, if you’re smart about it, you Can 10x it in a couple years, so history will repeat itself in this regards okay, yes, galaxy a31, you wanted to say something and they saw your hands up. Okay, so you understand guys where we are and where we are going so get ready for the launch. On the june 29th, we’ve been in top an hour wrapping it up.

Thank you for being here, and i wish all of us guys huge, huge success upon the launch uh one more thing. We are going to have a system for you guys to use with your links: okay, working on the meta force,, okay, so, on on this, we’re going to have like a system that you can use. That’S why i call it the metaphor system uh, with your own way, how to have your own links, okay, uh and and essentially use the marketing materials use.

The testimonials use, the different uh aspects that will help you build your Meta Force team with that. So, looking forward to releasing you free of charge, okay, everybody can use the system. Uh will be able to use the system for free okay for the the marketing system, excited about that and uh. Let’S get ready for launch and let’s generate some cash in the pocket.

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